Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two years ago tonight....

...I was sitting in a labor bed--not in labor, but hooked up to all kinds of stuff trying to get me to go into labor. I remained in the condition (not in labor and not sleeping) for another 14 hours until I started to kind of go into labor, and then after 22 hours of sitting in a labor bed trying to go into labor I finally started to feel exhausted labor pain. And I had hope, high hope, that I would have Reuben on Thursday, January 12. But for some reason, Reuben decided to side with Tammy and Courtlin who both wanted him born on Friday the 13th. 7:29 am on Friday the 13th.

Its a good thing Reuben is so wonderfully sweet so I never have to say, "I was in the hospital for 36 hours before you decided to grace us with your company, and 4 of those hours I was pushing you through the birth canal."

Oh, how I love him. And if you have met him I'm sure you won't blame me. He is so friendly, kind, obedient, intelligent, funny, and caring that I often forget his is a baby. One time when I was really lonely because I lost my husband to a paying movie job, I started to cry and couldn't stop, and Reuben sat on the couch next to me and put his 6th month old hand on my arm and started to wimper too. Today, after Reuben hears someone cough of sneeze he always asks if they are okay, and will continue to ask until he gets assurance that they are okay.

He is starting to assert himself more, and gets frustrated with the language barrier, but I am not afraid of him being two. I think that he will continue having the same personality, and will be happy to be understood whenever that happens.

We are lucky to have him. He deserves a lot, good thing he has so many loving people to contribute to his growth. My baby is going to be 2 on sunday! TWO! where did the time go?

(P. S. The photo was taken in Minnesota.)


Jessica said...

Reuben is a cutie. And to think you wanted all girls. I'm glad he was worth all you went through getting him out, because I remember wondering if you were going to be in labor for a week!

The Jones :) said...

Isn't it just love them no matter what...even when they make you go through hell!!! Kidding!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REUBEN...tomorrow!! And I'm glad you and Klous can both say you were born on Friday the 13th!!! Woo hoo!! :) Time just goes too fast...enjoy your vacation!!
Miss you guys
-Becki :)

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Reuben!

I wish so much that I could be there to give you a huge hug and spoil you with icecream and cool figurine bandaids that we could run around to our hearts content! I'm glad you're mum waited until the 13th of January to have you, because it meant that I got to come and meet you on your very first day on earth! It was so special to be able to hold you and meet you that day :) I also treasure the times we got to hang out - just the two of us - when your parents went out on the odd date to the temple or night at the theater. You won't remember them, but I do, and trust me - we had fun!
So have a fabulous, happy birthday - you are so lucky to have the parents and family that you do. Everyone is so proud of you - even those of us who are far away!
xo xo xo xo - See you at your baptism!

lots of love,
Tammy :)

Tammy said...

Dear Brecky,

This post is for you because this isn't just Reuben's 2nd birthday, but it's also your 2nd anniversary of becoming a mother! I just wanted you to know how proud of you I am. I watched you meet Justin, date Justin, get married, be scared of being a mum, decide you wanted to be a mum, be a pregnant mum-to-be, and then finally become a mum :) And I think you've done such a wonderful job at every step of the way. You're someone who tries so hard to do what's right and to be your very best, and I love you for it. What an example you are to me.

So happy anniversary! There are many more to come, and I hope each one finds you as happy as this one does.

xo Tammy

emilysuze said...

Happy birthday to your absolutely adorable boy! It's obvious that you two are amazing parents to create such a wonderful child. :)