Monday, November 5, 2007

J's Thanksgiving Countdown

...I am joining in the fun...

November 1--I am grateful for being willing to accept and learn from criticism (referring to my Directing project--exercise 2)
November 2--I am grateful for twirly slides and how much fun Reuben has on them
November 3--I am grateful for coming home and spending time after work and school have gone away
November 4--Mousse and Monopoly--what more can I say?
November 5--I am grateful for the solidarity of strangers in packed subway cars

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Tammy said...

Justin, I've known you for, what, 4 years now? And I just wanted to say that I've noticed a huge improvement in your writing skills over the past 2 years. Not that you were bad before of course, but I just see a more poetic and creatively descriptive lilt to your writing these days, that I really enjoy reading. I can't wait to see your scriptwriting over the next few years: The solidarity of strangers in packed subway cars? Very nice - you paint a vivid, characture filled picture with a phrase like that :)

Go you! Your education is paying off :)

:) Tammy.

PS. I'm grateful for all of the joy I get out of reading the english language :)