Monday, November 5, 2007

Central Park at 72nd Street

It took us much longer than it should have to get down to 72nd. The train we were on was behind a train that was stopped due to mechanical problems, so we had to get off, and wait for a bus. So, we missed the "magic light" but we had a nice time walking around this sliver of Central Park.

Strawberry Field

Bow Bridge

Bethesda Fountain

It's true what they say, Gray's Papaya is the best frankfurter in New York. Its standing only, and quicker than ever the guys on the street, and SOOO much better. (Its on 72nd and Broadway, not in central park.)


Tammy said...

1) What's with all the flowers on the ground in the first picture? There's probably a cool NY tradition behind it, right?.....

2) Really love the justin/rueben pictures - especially the two on the bridge.

3) I can't believe you got to go to Gray's Papaya! It's off that movie with salma Hayek and Mathew Perry....

4) I want to Visit Central Park

5) I love, love, love, love NYC.

6) Sorry about the whole 'stuck on a train thing'.....

7) My job is stressing me out *sigh*

8) I think I'd like to buy a cool camera and learn how to take cool pictures!

8) I think I'll go home now.

have a fabulous evening

xo Tammy

Jed and Kate said...

Yeah--what was the special occasion at central park? I wish we could have seen it with the flowers--they look so pretty! We'll have to try Gray's Papaya! It looks and sounds delicious--I have been disappointed with the street dogs I've tried so far.

PS I love your writing style, Brecken. I look forward to finally getting some down time at work so I can check your blog!