Friday, November 30, 2007


1. I am VERY bad with numbers (by numbers I mean anything from counting to remembering them.) When someone asks me how much something cost I think I remember, but I have invented the number in my head. I gave up on cross-stitching because it required too much counting.

2. My secret ambition is to conduct a children's chorus. I think what it will be is I will teach Musik Garten, and as the kids grow out of it I will have a children's chorus for them to move to. And they will sing a wide variety of songs, and if I have enough boys interested I will have a boys choir because have you ever heard anything more beautiful than a boys choir? In order to pursue this seriously I need to put down roots, and get in with the community performance arts place. That way I can train them when they are young, so when they are old enough for a choir they will already know alot.

3. My other secret ambition is to take beautiful pictures of people that don't usually get beautiful pictures of themselves.

4. Reading is not my first choice for recreation. This only matters because I was an English major. I actually have a longer list of books I don't like than books I do like.

5. When someone says "turn left" or "turn right" it takes me a very long time to figure out which way that is. I much prefer pointing.

6. My biggest fear is screwing up my child(ren), or not giving him(them) what he(they) need to be smart, well-adjusted members of society who make the world better.


Willes said...

So what exactly does it mean to be "tagged"? This has happened to a few of my friends...

Willes said...

Never mind, I just looked it up :)

Tammy said...

Brecky! Can you please tell us what it means to be 'tagged' so I don't have to look it up? ;P

And I'm so glad you're going to take beautiful pictures of people who don't usually get beautiful pictures of themselves! I can look great in the mirror, and then end up with terrible photos, so I vote be your first subject!

love you lots and lots girl!
xo Tammy

breckster said...

It's the blog version of chain letters, I just didn't tell anyone else to do it, and because I didn't do that, I didn't include the "directions."