Saturday, November 24, 2007


I guess this proves that I really am a mother, but I got excited about something I never thought would give me a thrill. (Coming from the babysitter who threw up on the kid who threw up on her, and then had to call mom to come and clean up, this is a big darn deal.)

Last night while I was trying to get pictures to load, Reuben came and put his hands on my legs, looked up at me, and said "Poop?" I said, "Do you need your diaper changed?" he said, "No. jibber jabber blatty blah." A few minutes later Reuben had his hands on Justin's legs and was doing his business in his diaper.

You know what that means... potty training. I don't know if I have time or energy for potty training, but I better find it.

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Tammy said...

Brecken brecken she's our mum, if she can't do it... Justin will have too.

yaaaaaaaaaayy Brecken!
*shake pom-poms excitedly in the air*

xo Tammy :)

Good luck to all three of you :)