Saturday, November 24, 2007

Its your birthday shout horray!

Justin is gone, Reuben is napping, and instead of doing the dishes I will write my birthday tribute to Justin, and then start the dishes.

My friend Michael had warned me that he thought I would like his future roommate. "He's artsy," is what I remember most. So my apartment invited Michael and this new roommate over to play games. Justin got a little lost coming to our apartment, which was kind of hard considering his apartment and my apartment were maybe eight yards apart. Michael left to go find him, and a few minutes later Justin knocked. Emily and I were burning a CD so we yelled "come in!" Which Justin did. This tall, lanky kid strode confidently into the bedroom. (Now, for those of you familiar with the BYU honor code you will realize our shock, and for those of you not familiar, boys are not allowed in girl's bedrooms.) I can't remember what we yelled at him then, but we yelled something, and it was his turn to be shocked. We had a very pleasant evening, in which I think I scared him.

We invited Michael and Justin to dinner the next day. (We often had boys over for dinner, and somehow we managed to only stay popular with the boys who already knew us.) I was making omlets or something like that, and I looked up to see someone squatting outside the window trying to get our attention. It was the strangest thing, but I thought, "oh, there is the guy that I am always married to in my dreams," and then I thought, "oh, that is Justin the door must be locked." Weird, I know, but that is what happened.
We called him T-Bone (for theater boy). And thought it very interesting that he came over every day (with or without michael.) Then we thought it even more interesting that he started showing up at my roommates work, or going to lunch with them. Then I was mad because he didn't show up to my work, or take me to lunch.

I wowed him with my knowledge of Hitchcock, and he found out that I only had a pretend missionary (he was real, but I wasn't technically "waiting.") And then we started dating. Then we broke up. Then we got back together. Then we got engaged. Then we got married. Then we had a baby. Then we moved to New York.

And here we are, he is turning 26, which used to seem so old, but now seems young. He is a very good man. He is funny, friendly, and flexible. If you have not had the opportunity to see his Paw de Shaw (or however you spell that), you should ask for it. He will pretend that he doesn't want to show you, but deep down he does, and will if there is room. He understands charity, and is the best example I have of it. He is extremely creative, and good at what he does. He is "ruining my life now, so he can fix it later," as we discussed last night. He works hard, and even when there is no way what ever he is doing should work out, it always does. (This used to bother the heck out of me, but now I just ask him to do the impossible things.) He adds so much to my life, and I am so glad to have him. Happy Birthday Monkey Lettuce.

So, Justin fans, if I forgot anything, please add it.


Jessica said...

Gee, you picked such flattering pictures of him. I'm sure he'll appreciate that. I think you should film him doing that "paw de shaw" thing (I'll borrow your spelling since I have no clue how to spell it either--sounds French so it probably has about 10 extra silent letters) and post it on your blog so that everyone will have the joy of watching him do it. Hee hee. Happy birthday Justin!

Anonymous said...

Judging from the boys build, he only poses with food rather than actually eating it.

Tammy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Justin!

The first and biggest thing that occured to me when thinking about Justin, was that I think he's a big part of the reason that I have the job I have now (which I enjoy so much!). You see, it turns out that before you can get a job, you're supposed to have some experience, something I was never that bothered about when we were at BYU together! I was much happier writing a paper in a library somewhere :)

So Before Justin joined the TMA major, I had a couple of random friends in the TMA department, but I was sort of happy to leave it at that, and didn't get very involved in Student projects.

Once Justin joined the program however, (We were all already friends by that point), he started dragging me into TMA stuff! You see, Justin's so likeable and unassuming, that everyone wants to be his friend, and he's so encouraging and enthusiastic and capable and inclusive! He'd go to work on a project, and volunteer me for something, and before I knew it, I had a budding resume and I suddenly knew everyone in all my classes!

My last two years at BYU were my favorite, and I think that's in a large measure due to Justin :)
Justin, I had so much fun being your friend, and sitting with you in classes. I think I worked better with you around, and I can't wait till we can start that production company one day! (We'll have to make sure Brecken's available too though, because without her we tend to get a little out of control with our crazy ideas!)

So thanks for all the laugh, the friends and the experiences. I don't know anyone who can charade or ballet leap like you, or who gets more delightfuly muddled trying to relay stories and messages between me and Brecken!

My life is richer for knowing you, and I'm grateful for that, so have a happy happy birthday!

:) Tammy

Justin said...

Thank you soooo much Tammers! That means a lot to me. If it weren't for your encouragement together with Brecken I wouldn't have made it trough that TMA program. Thanks also for being such a dear and kind friend.


Tammy said...

(I bet it didn't seem like 'your birthday' without a Harry Potter Movie to go and see at the cinemas....)

:) Tammy