Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Black Friday/Boxing Day

We contemplated going to target, but then we remembered we didn't want to be a subway train, and then in a crowded store. We decided to go for a walk down riverside. It was gorgeous! The leaves were beautiful (I am finally satisfied with autumn in New York.) There was a cold breeze, but the sun was so nice. We let Reuben walk for most of the way, he gave us a huge scare when he ran under the scaffolding bar towards the street sweeper. He runs pretty fast, and then with bars between him and us terrified us. Don't worry, I ran really fast to the opening and grabbed him.

While we were out our friends called and asked if we would like to go to Madison Square Garden, but not just go, go to a "club suite" that had food and a bathroom (it is one of her "perks" from work). It was so nice to sit and chat, I wasn't very interested in the basketball game (i'm more of a contact sport kind of girl) but it was nice to have some sit and talk time. Justin graciously watched Reuben. I found out that one of the girls had the same bad obgyn I had, and had the same complaints, so it really wasn't just me.

Okay, so I know boxing day is the day after Christmas, but since I'm not in Canada, I figured we could celebrate it in November. I don't like the way black friday sounds, and boxing seems to describe it better than black.

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Tammy said...

What's this 'black friday'? I don't think I've ever heard of it before!

And I love boxing day :)

PS. I would probably just love going to Madison Square Garden so that I could say that I'd been.

PPS. Love the new photos - I think the Reuben in the leaves photo is going to be my new screen saver when I get back to work tomorrow :)

xo Tammy