Saturday, November 17, 2007

B's Thanksgiving Countdown 16

I am thankful that Justin (almost) always comes around to seeing things my way, and understands that I would rather have to cook and have a only us for thanksgiving than chase Reuben around and stop him from breaking the host's stuff.

In exchange we have to come up with some pretty great traditions so Justin will feel like its thanksgiving even if there isn't a ton of people there. Any suggestions? (Remember, Justin is not inclined to play football, or watch football.) I'm thinking I will send Justin and Reuben to the Macy's Day Parade this year while I make dinner, but I still want to start something this year.


Talyn said...

You can call me on the phone! :) Maybe make a tradition of inviting someone that needs an invitation, like a widow or a student without family around. That way there are more people for Justin, and you don't have to worry about Reuben. Or, a more traditional Cook thing could be to watch a movie. Perhaps home movies. Or make a play with paper bag costumes about a turkey and a hunter. haha. I'm sorry you can't come here. We might end up having your very favorite meat: Cornish game hens!

Tammy said...

Well, considering we don't actually DO thanksgiving in my country, I may not be the best one to comment.... but since when has that stopped me?! :)

The whole point of thanksgiving is that you find ways to be grateful, right? So here are some ideas:

1) You and Justin could give each other a letter on thanksgiving that outlines the specifics of why you're grateful the other person is in your life.

2) You could each do a photo spread that highlights the things your grateful for in your life, that you present show-and-tell style to each other during thanksgiving dinner, and then that you put up on display on your kitchen cupboards (if you have any) for the week following.

3) You could buy several 'NY' postcards, and write them out on Thanksgiving to people that you're grateful are in your lives, and then send them.

4) You could each get up early and do some study to come up with the top five scriptures you're grateful for at this time in your lives, and then share them with each other during dinner. You could then record them in a book you keep and pull down each thanksgiving. It would be a sort of journal that pinpoints where you're at year to year.

5) I like Talyn's idea of finding someone who needs an invitation and inviting them to your dinner, or you could just do some research and find something in your community that you can do to make life a little easier for someone else, or a group of 'someone elses'.

6) You could do a countdown on your blog where every day you post something you're thankful for and - oh, wait......


I'm excited to hear what new traditions you and Justin come up with :) You're both so creative - I'm sure whatever you chose to impliment will be fabulous, and I can't wait to hear about it :)

xo Tammy