Friday, November 16, 2007

J's Thanksgiving Countdown

November 15th--I am grateful for the gray winds of New York as I meander through College Walk (pictured at left--but not my photo--sorry) on my way to class. The golden leaves that are finally falling are caught up in the swirling gusts that weave their way through the trees so perfectly aligned and it is so beautiful and cinematic. I am grateful that God has made this beautiful world--even though I get cold, it inspires a rush and a feeling of being alive and a part of this lovingly and carefully crafted universe.

November 16th--I am grateful for Emily and Nathan--I just realized that I have known them as the best of friends (and of course family)--for over 12 years now--here's looking at you kids! I love you and thank you for all that you do! :)

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Anonymous said...

We love you! :)