Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Notice how we didn't tell him what to do


Tammy said...

Brecken, it's time to admit it. You're raising a tree hugging hippie child.

You know how in conference talks they always tell stories about how you shouldn't drink coffee or skip church when the football's on, because even though they seem harmless to you, those traits get larger in your children, and then your grandchildren go inactive?

.... I'm just saying that if you're not careful, your son will be buying the more expensive eggs because they are a recyclable container instead of the ozone depleting Styrofoam; He'll love it that Bob Dylan sings his own songs; He'll hate money, own a van, run protests against BYUSA during his college years, never brush his hair, and stop talking to people who shop at Wallmart...

Lucky he's so cute :)

xo tammy.

Talyn said...

It looks like a telephone pole to me. :)

The Jones :) said...'s alright least your kid isn't KISSING the tree!! That's mine...:) He's cute though!!
-Becki :)

Jessica said...

Nothing wrong with hippies. Trees are our friends--especially in NY, where they seem to be a rare commodity.