Tuesday, October 2, 2007


On Sunday night I prayed and prayed that I could feel safe in our home again. I started to look into getting a land line because our cellphones didn't get reception in our apartment (except sitting on the back of the toilet, or leaning out the window).

Then Monday morning Justin had his phone in his pocket standing in the middle of the living room getting ready to go, and it RANG! (Which meant it got reception.) I refused to get excited about a ringing phone. But I might start getting excited, we've had reception in the WHOLE apartment for 36 hours now. Can we say answer to prayer? I can. I'm sure I wasn't the only one praying for me to feel safe again, so thank you if you were lending those prayers.


Tammy said...

Oh Brecken, I'm so glad :) The Lord is so merciful with the little things he does for us. I had a little thing happen yesterday that could have just been a coincidence, but I'm sure it was the Lord's hand taking a little stress off my sholders, and i was very grateful for it.

love you lots,
xo t.

Jessica said...

I agree. People can say all they want about things being coincidences, but I know my prayers have been answered so many times. There's a C.S. Lewis essay about prayer that I just love where he tells a story about being prompted to go get a haircut and finding out that his barber had been praying that he would come because there was some help that only he could give. I wish everyone knew the power of prayer.

Tammy said...

Hi Jess :) I too wish that everyone knew the power of prayer.

I'll have to look up that essay too - I haven't read it before.

xo tammy