Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hi, Mr. King.

On our way out of church there was a bottle neck caused by some blond tourist girls in grandpa hats, and skinny jeans. As we were winding our way to the door, a group came in and wound their way to the elevator. A blond lady, a boy, and Larry King. I thought, oh, there is Larry King.

As we passed I heard one of the skinny jean tourist say, "Hi, Mr. King!" And he muttered back to her.

Jed, Justin, and I then discussed how it must be so annoying to be famous, but how we can't seem to stop doing the things that annoy famous people. We will go to the film shoots in the neighborhood and bring our camera, we will look at Larry King, and then blog about it.

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Tammy said...

Yes but Brecken, that wasn't an intrusive blog about a famous person - you're okay :)
If you'd said 'Larry King had a tomato sauce stain on his shirt and he smelled bad and had bags under his eyes' - THEN you'd be one of those horrible annoying blogging people that famous people hate.

This way, you're just being informative :)

xo Tammy