Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Write...Stuff

Did you see Ugly Betty on Thursday? Did you see the part where the sandwich guy was like "so if you aren't a "Mode Girl," what are you?" And Betty said, "I want to be a writer." Then the sandwich guy said, "Oh, really, what have you written?" And then Betty realized she hadn't written anything since college. Now, she is only 23, and I am 26. That got me thinking. Those of you who knew me when my last name was Reasor, but I didn't go by "Reasor Girl," will remember that I wanted to be a writer. And what have I written? Not much to tell you the truth. ISN'T THAT SAD?! I haven't had a line run through my head until I wrote something to include it since college, and I'm 26, not 23! "You write on your blah-g." you say. Yeah, I do that, and I love doing that because it almost reminds me of writing.

So today, while Justin was at work, I decided to go for a walk. I had not been out side of the apartment building since Sunday, and thought that might have something to do with my lack of lines. And sure enough, they came. I also got some FABULOUS shots of Reuben, if I do say so myself. So, I will let the words run around in my head, and maybe, just maybe, write something, and maybe post it, or save it for that book that T. wants me to write.

Now, if I could start singing again.


Tammy said...

Oh Brecken - I'm so SO excited you've started writing stuff :) I really can't wait for your book :) It's so good to get out out of the house and spend some time being creative! I can't wait to read what you write. If you'd like to send anything to Australia for an editor's review (minus spelling, of course), you know where to send it :)
oh - and thanks for the new pictures. I often keep a picture of Reuben as my desktop background, and I've just replaced the old one with the middle picture of Reuben holding the leaf. Why? Well, it's Reuben, it's New York, and the leaf represents Fall! I love fall, and I miss it :)

love you girl - keep writing!
xo Tammy.

PS. If you get writers block, go to a NY coffee shop - that's what they do in the movies.... :)

Jessica said...

I have a solution for you about the writing thing--one of my grand schemes--I'll e-mail you about it.

Anonymous said...

I know that you love writing, but I think you should look into becoming a professional photographer. You have a great eye for composition. I wish I had a photographer like you working with me on the yearbook! :)