Tuesday, September 18, 2007



On Sunday we walked out of church and there was a fabulous vanilla- sweet-make-you-wish-you-were-swimming-in-it smell replacing the usual "city" smell. There were the usual street vendors in the square, but I didn't think hot dogs and pretzels could be the cause of the sweet heaven. There was a street market going on just north of the church, but since it was Sunday we decided to ignore the smell and just go home.

Today, Justin was walking home from his Billy Wilder class and smelled it again. So he followed his nose and found where that mouth-watering aroma was coming from. NUTS! Sweet, delicious, roasted cashews and almonds. He bought some to prove to me that he had found the source of my Sunday temptation. They are delicious! Almost delicious enough to forgive the city for its major lack of ice cream.


JoJo &/or Bob said...

Oh those look good... the best part of nuts for me is that I don't have to share (Robert doesn't like them).

More for me!

Sorry about the ice cream shortages... And PS, I'm impressed that you get so many hits on your blog! That's crazy! You've inspired me to update more regularly, so I'm doing it daily. :)

Tammy said...

are those sugar coated nuts? I'll have to send you the receipe for my mum's homemade sugar coated almonds - they look just like that!
xo t.