Monday, September 17, 2007


Tonight for family home evening we went to the doctor. His name is Bertie, and he was pretty great. I like a doctor who makes you feel like it was worth visiting him or her, and also who doesn't make you feel like you are crazy for feeling how you are feeling. He checked my ear three times, and even squirted air in there to make sure my tmj wasn't the main cause of the pain. Which he did note that it looked like it was causing some of the pain, but not all. I have swimmers ear... he thought it was wierd that I haven't been swimming since July, but have it. Then on my way out he asked if we had a doctor for Reuben yet, and offered his services. I said, I was glad to hear that because I like a family doctor who is actually a family doctor.

We went across Broadway to the Rite Aid to pick up the prescription drops and pain reliever. They said it would take an hour so we decided to walk around and find a place to eat. We didn't walk far when we saw Subs Conscious we figured it would be affordable, and went in. It was affordable, and it is now our go-to place. They not only have heroes, they have burgers and paninos and salads and bakery stuff. The only thing they didn't have was fountain drinks. I had a VERY delicious meatball sandwich, and Justin a very DELICIOUS chicken pesto roasted red pepper and mozzarella panino. On our way out I picked up a take-out menu, and guess what makes them even more our go-to place... THEY DELIVER!!! Hooray!

Here is a video of Reuben saying his words. Enjoy!


Lark said...

ank ou!

And I'm glad you will be feeling better. You and use the remedy I told you about to avoid swimmers eat in the future.

Courtlin said...

I hate swimmers EAT!!! :) I love the "thank you."

Tammy said...

1st) Brecken - you look dang cute at the end of the video! The new hair really does suit you :)

2) He's so clever! I love it that he knows where his head and sholders are! As soon as he learns his knees and toes, you'll have to teach him the song and then have him perform for the camera.

3) Now that he knows monkeys, cows and dogs (and ducks!) you need to start teaching him about koalas, platypus and echidnas (although I don't think they make noises.... you might be on your own there...)

4) And I'm glad you found Subs Consious, but by my calculation, that's your 4th or 5th Go-To-Place... I LOVE NYC!

Love you all!

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Oh my that is melt your heart cute (the video)!

I'm glad you found a good doctor. I need to get to that... hmm...