Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sock Request

I want to make Reuben a sock monkey. But we don't have socks with tall enough top things that aren't currently Justin's church socks, and we don't have a western style store that we know we can go to and find socks. So, the next time you go to a western style store and see socks on clearance think of Reuben and his love for monkeys. (Tammy does not count cause shipping from Oz would be too crazy for socks.)

It doesn't have to be red heeled, they seem to be expensive (and if it comes to it, I will just order them online.)
(I didn't make those three sock monkeys this girl did, she sells hers for 55 dollars.)


Jessica said...

How tall do the socks have to be?

Jessica said...

Okay, I found you some socks. I'm bringing three pairs with me when I come. They're not exactly "Western style" but they have long tops and cute patterns for monkeys.