Sunday, September 16, 2007

In case you forgot what I looked like.

In other words, tell me how good I look.

Remember when I was growing up and we learned that there was no reason to belittle yourself in order to get a compliment. For example saying, "My thighs are fat" so someone will say, "Oh, no they aren't." I'm not doing that, well, not right now. I think I looked dang good today. I woke up early and worked hard at it.

But, you can tell me how good I look, or how much you miss me, if you want. We've been here long enough that I am home sick (and now that I am a pretend adult I miss Minnesota, and Utah.) It was so much easier to miss just one place, and by "place" I actually mean friends and family, and my doctor.

Speaking of doctors, I am going to try and go to one (or a nurse practitioner) tomorrow. I have an ear ache that is basically trying to kill me. It hurts to eat, and walk, and sit, and lay, and work, and play with Reuben. Ibuprofen has been making it so I don't want to cry, but I need it to end. I'd really like to feel up to (insert anything here). I got a blessing on Saturday. I was told that I would be able to feel comforted until I could get a real solution. Which means, I talked to people at church today to find out if there was a good doctor I could go to. Hopefully one of the names I got will be covered by my insurance.

Then we have to go to the dentist so that he can refer Justin to an oral surgeon. His wisdom tooth (he only has one) cut through, and now is causing problems with the muscle back there so he can't open his mouth. (Well, he can, but not very far, which means it takes him longer to eat).

Reuben doesn't notice that we are both feeling lock-jawed, which is what being a parent is all about.


Anonymous said...

You look dang good today!

The Jones :) said...

You're beautiful Brecken..and I miss you like crazy too!! Was thinking about you guys this weekend, and how nice it would be to have you over, and have Klous & Reuben play...but that can't happen :( So yeah...I miss you and think you're dang cute!!!
-Becki :)

Jessica said...

You look awesome! That's a really cute picture, and I'm impressed that you have the energy to make yourself look cute with a toddler around.

I hope you're able to find a doctor. I feel like I'm coming down with a flu or something...just in time for my trip. Boy, do I have good timing. But, hopefully it'll pass.

JoJo &/or Bob said...

You do look good! I even told you so in an earlier blog, duh! :) Seriously, I love your hair... and the overall effect. :)


Courtlin said...