Thursday, September 20, 2007

Close up

Do you think his eyes will always be this blue?

Last night our new doctor called--not a nurse or a receptionist, but Bertie himself--to see if the drops were working. So, now I am really excited that he is our new doctor.

I made bread yesterday morning. I wanted to make wheat bread, but when I opened the canister holding the wheat flour I yelped because I saw what nightmares are made of... black bugs swimming in our flour. I think if they were dead I could have sifted the flour and made it anyway, but they were doing really well. This is my second run-in with weavels, the first time it was flour I had borrowed, this time it was 15 lbs of wheat flour. I made the bread with some oatmeal and all-purpose flour, and it actually turned out fine.

Tomorrow Reuben and I are going to meet Jessica and her Mom and go to Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. Justin has class so can't go... poor Justin.


Tammy said...

1) I hope his eyes stay that blue... I bet that will. Aren't things like eyes all developed by the time they're Reuben's age?

2) Weavels - gross! But at least you had flour and oatmeal :) And on second thought...maybe you should have eaten the weavels after all - aren't they full of protein? ... maybe that's ants....

3) I'm so glad you've found a doctor you're happy with - that's really important. (I was sold a few posts ago when you mentioned that his name was Bertie....)

4) Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty?! Grrr :) I was watching a doc about Ellis Island not too long ago (before that, i hadn't actually heard of it), so now I want to go!

5) Give Jess and her mum a HUGE hug from me! I miss them and would love to see them too :) The three of you will have to take some photos to put up on the blog!

Lark said...

Your eyes and both my parents eyes stayed that blue.