Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Film Set... is a Film Set.

We walked over to the Coen Brothers Film Set... and guess what? Its like any other film set I've seen. Tables with food on them, people standing by the tables with food on them, PAs around the perimiter trying to get cars and pedestrians to not move while picture is up. We saw the John Malkovich stunt double, okay, maybe he was just a bald guy that looked like he could be John Malkovich's stunt double. And we also saw George's stunt double, or he was a guy in a suit with obviously died gray hair.

Kate (who lives down the street from us) actually saw Brad Pitt, and has some pics up for those of you interested.

Here are some pictures for those of you who don't know what a film set looks like:

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Tammy said...

I love it that you circled the 'real live NYPD' in that last photo :)

And you're right - it looks just like an ordinary film set :) No matter how exciting the cast are, at some point, your feet are going to start hurting.

xo Tammy