Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If they don't win its a shame

They didn't win, but they kept showing the missionaries on the jumbo tron, and the missionaries gave out free key chains. We might have to get Reuben an orange polo, so he can be a Mets fan, so he knows he isn't supposed to be a Yankee's fan because Jessica said no.

The Jose song, and then he broke a bat, but he didn't get to base.
The hot dog.
The enormity of Shea Stadium.
Reuben pointing and saying "Bah bah!"
Reuben pointing at the planes (flying to LaGuardia) and saying "Wow!"


Lark said...

Thanks for the photos they make me smile. And I don't even like sports. But I like you guys!

Lark said...

I did once see the Los Angeles Dodgers play. The Charles Manson trial was part of that same trip to California to visit a roommate.

JoJo &/or Bob said...

How fun! I love the one with Reuben sitting alone in his seat. He looks so big and so little all at the same time, and it makes my heart melt!

We have been talking about SEEING you and we are EXCITED. Be ye warned. :)

Talyn said...

I keep checking back to see if Justin has finally sunk his teeth into the bottle Reuben is offering him.

Talyn said...

And if the magic stroller has taken flight.

Courtlin said...

It looks like you guys had great seats:)

Tammy said...

Yeah, thanks for the pictures guys :) They're really cute! Rueben looks so sporty in his little red jumper :)

It looks like a really fun night - and I don't even like baseball!

xo Tamy.