Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This Morning

I woke up and saw this. I took the pictures at 7 am, I ran out here to work before the boys woke up and I had to start packing, and there has been no stir for the last two and a half hours.
This may seem so silly, but I just loved seeing it. The way both are on their back, both of them have their hand on their chest, and their little frowns, and how they would both rather be laying there asleep than anything else. It also made me feel lucky. Reuben started crying at 1:30, that must have been when Justin got him. Those two must have been in close quarters all night, cause I don't remember Reuben in our bed last night. I've got this great little family, and they let me sleep when I can make myself sleep. My wish for everyone is that are as lucky as me.
I have to go wake Reub up now, so he can go play with the Happy Jones. While lucky me and daddy pack. The goal for today, FINISH the kitchen. :S


The Jones :) said...

Those are pretty cute pics!! Klous does the same thing...him and Ryan sleep the exact same. Kinda makes you wonder what part of us mom's the boys got huh!!! They're cute though!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

Reuben is a little boy. He isn't a baby any more. :( It makes me sad.