Thursday, August 9, 2007

Done Packing... Now Cleaning

We are done packing! Done, because we don't want to do it anymore? Well, that is true, but we really are packed! That means we can play with my family tomorrow instead of being sad the EVERYONE is here and we don't get to see them!

We got the contact info for the Morningside Hieghts Ward Elder's Quorum president from my friend Andrea. Turns out Justin knows him. He served in the Sao Paulo North Mission at the same time, he actually trained Michael (who introduced Justin and I). And in our packing and cleansing Justin found a note from Elder Tate instructing him not to carry large amounts of money with him. I think this is another thing trying to make me not terrified of NYC, God is making it seem like a small world, instead of huge as I think it is.

Justin asked for help moving in, so hopefully it won't be a huge task for Jed and Justin alone. The EQ Pres. sent a little guide to the New York Columbia Area for LDS Law students. (I am glad he shared it with an arts student). It had some encouraging stuff about having kids in NYC, what to do with them, how to go grocery shopping. My favorite part was, "get off of the subway at 116th and look for Moroni." My second favorite part was, "It won't be long until someone offers to help you carry the stroller up." My third favorite part was, "You can find everything you need, and lots of stuff you really, really, really want."

As of right now I am feeling encouraged, which is amazing because I am exhausted, and didn't sleep at all last night. (I packed the pillows so couldn't get comfortable.)

I get to spend time with my family tomorrow... horray!

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