Friday, August 10, 2007

Family Photos

On pioneer day we went to get ice cream with Jordan and Courtlin at Leatherby's. Next to the door was a tower of pictures and a box for entering a drawing for a free portrait. Well, Jordan loves taking pictures of herself, so I suggested she fill out a form, then I filled out a form. I didn't expect anything because we were moving to NY in less than a month... but I won a free portrait!
So for our pre-moving adventure today we went to the sitting. I can't get enough pictures of my cute family, so a free 8x10 was hard to pass up. He was a very nice man, with a very nice camera, and some studio lights. I thought to myself... hmm, I am a very nice lady, maybe someday I can have a very nice camera and some studio lights, and a class or two on lighting, and I can do this too. (It won't be until I also have a very nice house, to keep my very nice lights.) And I would also probably only do it if I lived in a place like Grand Rapids where they needed a good photographer. Enstrom's is great for school photos, but there aren't really any other options.

Jordan also won, so she had the whole family in her photo. Its hard to get eight people and two babies looking there best at the same second, but we did get a few that look pretty great.

Then, because we had been planning to, and I hadn't packed my tripod for this exact reason, we set it up at the Springville Art Museum to take some more family pictures. Kevin found the location, but I did the framing, and if I do say so myself its pretty great for not having people standing there while I set up the frame. I love the tripod! I think I will ask Santa for a High Performance Digital Camera for one of these Christmases. It will have to wait until Santa has paid off most of the student loans, but someday I will be in heaven with my tripod and fancy camera.


The Jones :) said...

Very, very cute Phatty!!! How nice to be able to take family pictures before you're far away...and after the new baby came!!! They all turned out pretty good I think!!!
-Becki :)

Jessica said...

Those are so cute! It's awesome that you could get the whole family in. We haven't been able to get our whole family in cabin pictures in ages.

Tammy said...

Brecken - I too think the photos look fabulous :) It's a good way for you to remember 'this phase of your life', especially since it's now coming to a close.
BUT - I laughed so hard that you and jordon 'both won'. Brecken, EVERYONE who enters those photography things win :) That's their way of getting you to buy a bunch of pictures after your free setting! You're going to have to be aware of people tricking you into things if you're moving to NYC... Haha!
I picked up my papers from the bishop yesterday! Ahhhh! :)