Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I made a deal with Justin that neither of us would go to bed until the office and bedroom were completely packed. I did this in hopes that our procrastinating tendency would be forced to finish things early rather than say, "we have the REST of the week." I have been working in the bedroom, and have it to down to the pile of miscellaneous stuff that doesn't really go anywhere. I'm so proud that I am to that point, but that room is the hot room in the house, and I was getting dizzy crawling around on my hands and knees pushing all of the stuff to a pile. So I am taking a water break. I want to fall asleep, so I am writing in hopes that I can get undizzified and go finish my room. (The other stinky thing is Reuben just fell asleep in there and I DON'T WANT HIM TO WAKE UP.) Let this be a lesson to me, don't make deals. No matter how good the deal sounds, it will end up biting you.

Reuben spent the day with my cousin Harmonie's family. This was great for packing, I don't think I would be down to the the pile of crap stage in the bedroom had he been here. I also got 6 hours of work in today. So I don't feel bad about my accomplishments. I did miss Reuben though, I guess I have to do it this way so the 24 hrs of pure driving with hotel stops won't drive me crazy cause I will be so happy to be with Reuben. Ah ha. Ah ha. Very funny.

btw: does anyone want to buy our car? I've had one inquiry, and it was one of those just ship us your car, and give us your account number things. I may be desperate, but I'm not going to give my account number to anyone who spells "price of your item," "prize of you itum." Sorry guy.

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Tammy said...

Hey Brecky :)
Having done the 'move from provo to someplace else' thing already, I thought you would like to know my secret. Well, it's more of a secret weapon actually.... Well, it's more like two secret weapons... but one of them is in England, so you'll have to settle for only one secret weapon... You ready? here it is: Call Peta and/or Jenny and act really helpless.... they'll pack for you! :)
Seriously - they're good. They cease to be human and go into 'packing machine mode'. They can fit more into a box/suitcase than is actually humanly possible. And you don't have to do anything! Just say thanks a lot. And, if you start to feel guilty, you just pick something up, and start to pack it badly, and they'll take it off you, and insist that you continue to do nothing :)
It's the only reason I managed to catch my plane back to Australia :)
- Keep going girl, you'll be done soon.
love you!