Sunday, August 5, 2007

Packing Pits

I wish we could be done packing so instead of packing I could be spending my last few days near my family and friends with my family in friends.

We made a pretty huge dent yesterday. The office is (according to Justin) 75% packed. The bedroom is (according to me) 50% packed. The little weird room is completely packed, and we are putting all of our packed boxes in there as we finish them so it can look like we are making progress. The storage room either is packed or has empty boxes in it. We found out that there was some kind of leak/pool or water in the storage room, that ruined all of our posters. :( I was very sad. It ruined a couple of our boxes too, but nothing of significance other than our roll of posters we never put up. (one less thing to move I guess.) So that means we have the rest of the Office, the rest of the Bedroom, all of the Bathrooms, all of the Kitchen, and the Living room to pack. The kitchen will be the hardest out of that list. I want to be done packing by the night of the 9th, so I can play on the 10th.

I gave 10 pairs of shoes to the DI. So now my days of being a shoe collector are over, and won't start again until we have the student loans paid off. We sent two boxes of stuff to the DI, and I have one more ready to go. I also washed ALL of our laundry yesterday, so I can just pack it. Justin keeps telling me that we have a week left, but I want to be done packing, I don't care if I have to wear the same clothes! So, I let him pull out a weeks worth of clothes, and we will use them as our packing and travel clothes.

I hate crunch time! I didn't sleep last night, but I was too exhausted and sore to get up and work, so I just laid there. Yuck.


The Jones :) said...

I'm sorry Phatty...I wish you could be spending time with us too before you go instead of packing...hopefully LOTS will get done on Monday & Tuesday...and you'll be done by Wednesday?? Wishful thinking?? :)
Good luck...and let me know how we can help!!
Love you
-Becki :)

Rachel K. Skousen said...

I feel for ya. Moving is SO miserable.