Friday, July 20, 2007

this is mostly for justin

Reuben loved it! he climbed in and started touching things and sat in it for at least 10 minutes while i was trying to clear the memory card off so i could take a picture. but then it wasn't working so i just put him down for a nap.
I took pictures with the flash to show off the reflector strips. It has a cool rainshield! which will be nice for those New York sunday mornings when it is snowing and we have to get to church.
If you notices in first picture the hood looks like a regular hood, but reuben found this cool thing and pulled it down, and then the whole shade pulls down and almost completely covers reuben the extra part zips up when you don't want it all the way down.
and it reclines! this is probably hard to see, but in the first picture it is all the way sitting up, and the second picture it is reclining.

You might this its funny that I am so excited, but this is like buying a new car for me. (it will be our only "vehicle" in New York.)


Justin said...

This is so rad!!!!! Can't wait to test drive it in NYC

The Jones :) said...

I think it's funny that Justin posted a comment on his own blog!!! :) But he's right...the stroller is pretty cool...good thing you won't have a car, otherwise you wouldn't be able to afford the stroller :)
-Becki :)