Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hair cut

I guess it goes without saying, but I got a hair cut today. I did a very insane thing a couple days ago, and decided I was going to have bangs, so I cut myself some bangs. Mostly it was insanity, and the other part was my frustration with my funny post pregnancy hair. The girl was wonderful! She fixed my insanity, and gave me a great hair cut. The perm I got the last time I went crazy has all but disappeared, it only good for body now, so I have decided I'll just be one of those girls who does their hair to make it look good.

I seem to go in cycles. I grow it out, and get it too long to comb, then chop it of. I had the little-flip hair cut in 2001, the A-line-inch-in-the-back in 2004, and now this one I guess you could call it a bob. I was hoping the perm hair cut was going to be shorter, but this one is pretty great I think. Jordan said it was a "good shape for your head." Justin said it was "classy." Reuben hasn't said anything about it.


The Jones :) said...

I LOVE IT!!! :) It is so so cute Phatty!!! It makes you look so slim and young ;) ;) ;) I really really like it!! And I'm glad they were able to "help" your bangs incident!!! :) Last night was great by the way!! :)
Love ya
-Becki :)

Jessica said...

Brecken, you look so great!

Tammy said...

Brecken - I LOVE it! It looks really fantastic!
(But good luck being one of those girls who do their hair to make it look good! I've tried to be one of those girls, but I can never last more than 1 week.... let me know how you go - haha!)