Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Hype

I am not, nor have I ever been a Harry Potter fan. I think its great that it got kids reading books again, but I could never finish a book (except for number 6 but I slept through the whole first part and read the last 50 pages). I will watch the movies, but only like three and five. I have several loved ones who are HP fans, and I do not look down on them, it was their choice to like it.

Justin is one of those fans. So we will be going early saturday morning to buy the book. And he will promptly read it, and probably stay up way to late for a while so he can finish it before the moving madness happens.

I did call the Snape kills Dumbledore thing after hearing 5 minutes at the beginning book six. So I'll put my theory out there right now so no one accuses me of reading the back of the book first. Let it be known that the only information I have read about predictions was on Jojo and the Bob's blog.

The for sures:

1. There will be at least two references to that Q game.

2. Dumbledore's army will follow Harry to get one of those hoarcruxes, and Luna will die.

3. Dumbledore will come back alive to help with the last hoarcrux, but Snape has to die in order for it to happen. (Snape will sacrifice himself for the good of the community and to atone for his death eater days.)

4. There will be a Hamletesk blow-out. Honestly, JK has written herself into a corner, its the only way the series can end. I think there will be one person standing at the end, it will be Harry, and he will have to go back to the real world and live a lonely normal life because the whole wizarding community will either be extinct or will blame Harry for the death of their extinct one.

The probably:
1. The Weasley clan is killed off early on, Persey kills them all in a murder suicide. Harmonie, like Cho, will be so confused and missing Ron that she will go to the comfort of Harry and fall for him (finally) and it won't matter because Jinny will be dead. (and that HH hater who I worked with will be so mad that she will take a permanent marker and scribble out all references to the HH romance.)

2. Harry will have to sacrifcice his invisablity cloak to get a hoarcrux or save Harmonie.


JoJo &/or Bob said...

I certainly hope everyone doesn't die!!! We'll see, though... we'll see...

Jessica said...

J.K. Rowling has said that only two people die. Sorry Brecken. Maybe you can write an alternate version where everyone dies. Personally, I think it will be either
a)Harry and Voldemort
b)Snape and Voldemort
c)Snape and Harry
or d)Snape and Wormtail

Other than that, I have to say that Dumbledore is definitely dead, but he told Snape he had to kill him in the last book, and if he has a role in this one, it will be either through the pensieve or through a portrait.

Justin said...

Okay---so I have to laugh and laugh because I love the murder/suicide and HH subplot--although it won't really happen that way--only a few more hours until we find out--but Brecken should write the alternate version for sure! There is some great comedy in this--black comedy for sure--but comedy nonetheless

Jessica said...

Boy, was I misinformed...all I will say now

Jessica said...

Yikes...where on earth did I hear that only two people die? I counted at least 10, and I probably forgot some people. Finished last night. Thought it was a fitting ending to a great series and she managed to tie up more loose ends than I would have expected.

Justin said...

Okay--it's been almost a week since the book came out--Essentially Brecken is right about numbers 1 and 3--and sort of number 2. That's about all--but Jessica was right about her guesses--one or all? I will not say quite yet in case Talyn is still on page 100. I loved the book--loved it! It will be a hard film to make because every event is crucial to the next--and not a lot of filler with classes and Diagon Alley in this one...but I have decided once and for all the books an dthe films are two separate entities.