Monday, July 30, 2007

Quakin' Acres

Thanks for having a birthday Jessica! We went up to her family cabin to have a little party... play games eat a little too much, and four wheeling to enjoy nature. I love this place! I've had the opportunity to go up a few times since I've known Jessica. The air is fresh, the trees are big, the grass is green, and the view is amazing. Reuben had fun playing, and was in a very very good mood (I think it was the fresh air.) We played that train game, I love that game, Jess won but i was only two points behind her. (It was her birthday after all.) We went out for a 4-2heel drive (Justin stayed at the cabin with Reuben while I went out and visa versa) This year I saw three deer, a great sunset, and a dog that looked like a bear. Justin took some pretty great action shots (below). We didn't let him drive, we think his ATV driving days are all behind him.

I was thinking about the time's I've been up there. The first time I remember going we slept over night up there. It was super fun, and a great break from school and Provo. Jessica, Emily, Justin, and I were stalked by a what-we-thought-to-be-a-drunk guy. I can't remember if that was the same year that the muffler feel off of Jessica's car and we tied it up with shoestrings and a sock, but we did that once too. Last year we went up and it was heaven... Justin couldn't work! There are so many memories that I have, that I will miss going up there.
I'm so glad Jessica and I were roommates, and that she could handle only 1/2 of the room clean!

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys could come. It was really great to see you. You'll just have to come visit a lot in the summers so you can spend more time up there!