Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Alena came yesterday! Here are some pictures to tease you all. Mommy was in labor for 29 hours, and did most of it at home. She was in the hospital for three hours and only had to push of a half hour. She did it all natural, yes folks, the only help she had was hypno birthing. The nurses were very impressed with her, and she only yelled during pushing, which she hated. She fainted the first time she stood up, but other than that she is feeling great!

Reuben wasn't quite ready not to be the center of attention, but the whole drive home Courtlin was showing him the pictures we had taken and he kept saying "baby" over and over. I'm sure they will have something on their blog soon, their version will be better than this gloss.


Jessica said...

What a cutie! Tell Talyn congrats for me. I also have to say that Alena is a much better name than Presley. Hee hee.

The Jones :) said...

She's so cute...and Reuben looks like he's doing ok with having another baby!! How exciting for her...and CRAZY she did it all natural...she's NUTS!!!
-Becki :)