Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good friends

With my phone phobia, we rarely got together with our friends this year. We are now trying to fit them all in before we leave. Justin would have called earlier, but he tends to procrastinate, and I feel bad making him call.

It is interesting to think that by the time (if ever) we get to come back to Provo, our friends will be somewhere else. It is a strange stage of life, this stage we are in. It seems that the whole world is opening for all of us, or will in the near future. The whole world doesn't open up until May 2010 for us, but still, New York is pretty worldly.

Justin has always been the nastalgic one, I've had a pretty easy time of moving on. This is partly, because I have not had to move on, and I've done a minamal job of keeping in contact with people I need to keep in contact with. I do have to admit though, I am going to miss this little life, and the friends we had in Provo.

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The Jones :) said...

I'm gonna miss you guys too :( Should've taken more advantage of what we had when we had it :(
Love you Phatty!!
-Becki :)