Friday, July 27, 2007


Grammie bought me (Brecken) a pair of Nothinz when she was here in June. I got to wear them twice, and then my left shoe went the way of all things Reuben decides he wants to carry around. We could not find it anywhere!

We did some deep kitchen cleaning tonight. I cleaned the fridge out and Justin did the dishes and swept and mopped. Well, while I was in the living room trying to make sure Reub didn't eat the dirt pile Daddy was making, he walked in and showed me my LEFT RED SHOE! It was BEHIND the dishwasher.

My first thought was, "lets go for a walk cause I have my shoe back!" My second thought was, "I can put this on the blog." I think I need to be more aware of the "little blessings." So, please tolerate my practicing this. With our challenge fast approaching I think I better be excited about finding my shoe so I am not discouraged with all of the challenges.

Now, to find my wallet... it, unfortunately, was not behind the dishwasher.

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Talyn said...

Once upon a time I lost my wallet. I had to get over my phone phobia to call lots of places to see if I had left it there. When I had finally given up I decided to read a book. I had a stack of picture books from the library. My wallet was halfway down the stack. That's a strange place to keep a wallet. I was so excited I almost didn't notice that all of the books were due that day. I had to run to campus and I returned the books as the closing music in the library turned on.