Sunday, July 15, 2007

No More Cable

We canceled the cable so that we could have 50 dollars, instead of cable to distract us from packing. It was supposed to stop on July 14, but it stopped on July 13th. I was really sad because we had specifically planned to cancel it on the 14th so we could watch one last episode of Monk and Psych.

We thought of asking someone to record them for us, but we didn't have enough time, and our go-to-girls don't have a tv anymore, and don't want the one we are leaving in utah because someone is addicted and can't not watch tv if there is a tv in the room. I was so sad! I had been looking forward to the new Monk and Psych since the season finales. July 13th was special day. (Plus the fact that it was Reuben's 18 month birth anniversary.) USA does not put full episodes on their website, so I was going to have to wait until the season was on DVD and we could rent it from Netflix. That is a long time!

We watched Traveler online last night, and decided to check the USA web site just because it was such a sad thing that I couldn't watch my favorite shows. And guess what?! They had the full episode of Monk online. We watched it. Then we checked on Psych, and they had the full episode online! We watched it. I love those shows! I doubt that they will have the whole seasons online, but they might. I am not sad about missing the season, I had already prepared myself for that.

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Jessica said...

I'll tape the rest of the season for you! I love those shows, and usually tape them anyway because I hate missing things if I get interrupted in the middle of watching them. At least that way you can watch a few more weeks worth before you leave.