Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pretty Sophisticated.

We ordered a harness/leash. We've been having problems with Reuben wondering off, or getting to close to the street, or running like crazy to get into situations that he shouldn't be in. I have been getting scared about the airport, and not being in Provo. So, I found a leash, and I ordered it.

We wished we had had it on Friday night. We went to a free outdoor showing of Meet the Robinson's, except we couldn't stay for the movie because Reuben did not like our blanket, and wanted to find someplace else to sit. As it got darker, and Reuben got more determined we decided to give up that fight and just go home. So we didn't get to see Meet the Robinson's, but we came home with the baby.

We also ordered a Maclaren buggy. Much thought went into this purchase because other than the fact that there isn't a basket, and it hurts to slump over and push our 15$ stroller it has worked pretty well for the last 16 months. But as Talyn said, "its cheaper than a car." Which it is, and its also cheaper than the chiropractor. Every time I want to go somewhere in New York I will have a minimum of a 1/2 mile to walk. Now, this is not bad if you are just walking, but if you are pushing a too-short stroller with a screaming baby it is a very long walk. The Maclaren is light enough and folds small enough to accommodate city life, and all the New York Mothers raved about the ease of use. "You can push it with one hand, and easily navigate a crowd." What about getting on and off the subway, don't worry, I read that the Maclaren is the perfect size for that.

I think I might be ready to move to New York now, or at least when we get our orders. The thought of sitting down at the airport, and hooking Reuben up to a leash makes me smile. And a walk with Reuben through central park without a back ache sounds pretty sophisticated of me.

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