Monday, June 4, 2007

Outdoors Man

Reuben is proving that he loves to be out of doors, especially when he is free to run around. Our back yard is mostly parking lot and some dead weeds so its not enjoyable for him or I, but when we go to parks he has at it. My allergies and my work schedule don't allow for a lot of park going, but as soon as Jordan and Courtlin get back I am making time for pool parties at their house!

Reuben went to nursery on Sunday (the church class for the little little ones) He loved it! I stayed in there just in case there was any trouble, but there wasn't. He ran in and started playing with the toys and the other kids, and had a bit of a problem sitting for the whole singing time and the whole story time, but he sat for a little bit. I'm just going to drop him off next week, to see if he was just ignoring me to make me think he didn't need me there and he actually did, or if he actually doesn't need me. He's growing up so fast!

(the park pictures are pre-hair cut at Kevin's birthday bbq)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures, :)
Corn Baby's grandma

The Jones :) said...

Oh Phatty...I'm a BIT slow...and just realized you changed blog DUH BECKI!! But the pics are cute...he's getting SOOO big...and I love the haircut ones!!! Too cute!!
-Becki :)