Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hair Cut!

After loving Reuben's wonderful long hair with great little baby curl at the ends, I cut it. I know, its horrible! I figured if he was old enough to go to nursery on Sunday he is probably old enough for a hair cut. I wouldn't do the buzz thing, he would look way to bald, so I just trimmed it. I took about an inch and half off of the sides. (I saved the longest bit for a scrapbook of his baby stuff.) We are going to surprise daddy when he gets home. Crazy!

We found out we got campus housing. A one bedroom apartment on Claremont Ave. Its a 6 story brick building. If you google earth it you will be impressed with its location. There is a green space across the street, and the next street over is Grant's Tomb. Its a block north (kitty corner) of Riverside Church. The apartment number seems to be on the first floor, which means we won't have a view of the Hudson, but we could if were on the top floor. Which wouldn't be to bad because there is an elevator. There is a laundry facility in the building, and an intercom. So there is the news. I better get working. I've been distracted all day... hence the hair cut. Poor kid, had to get his hair cut because his mom didn't want to work for that half hour.

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JoJo &/or Bob said...

He looks so cute!!!