Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Reuben is a handsome, little, running boy. We went to BYU campus with Grammie and Pappie. He was content in the stroller for a while, but then needed to run around. He loved the quad with the new tree areas. He was almost good at going the way we wanted to go, but ran off a few times. We walked around the HFAC, and he liked hearing the clop clop so didn't want to go down the hallways with carpet.

We spent some time with Jarrod and Kristi and the kids. Reuben loved the trampoline. He would run around and then fall and laugh and laugh. He doesn't jump, but he liked being bounced. We had dinner and talked. Reuben loved having cousins to play with. He didn't need much attention from mom or dad, just some toys and some boys. I was impressed with how friendly Reuben was, he still made a mess, but he was very friendly about doing it.

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