Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Republican Debate

Favorite quote=Huckabee: "It seems I'm getting all the moral questions, I guess that is good. Its better than getting the immoral questions." He sounded like morally I agree with him, but I think you have to be more than moral to make a good president.

Not a fan of Rudy or Tommy, but its because they yell, and Tommy has weird hair. And if Rudy wants to be a Rudy and not a Rudolph he should try to be a little nicer. Brownback is mean, even if he had cancer. I like Ron's stand on pre-emptive war, but thats about the only thing I liked about Ron.

They should all pay more attention to Wolf, and the questions. Give us answers to the questions guys, you'll have a chance to talk about immagration.

Tom Trancano is a crazy idiot when it comes to immigration (even Talyn would agree with me on this one, as she is married to an immigrant who doesn't want to cut ties with the past, but will be a great citizen). And even though I would like English to remain the main language, because I tried to learn it and can't, I don't think that a huge group of hard working people should be punished for the dishonesty of others trying to make a better life for their families in a system that doesn't allow for that.

I'd like to know how well Romney's Health Care changes in MA actually work, how many more people are adequately insured? Health Care is one issue that really effects my life specifically, and I liked that he has worked on trying to fix it, but I want to know how it worked. Romney is as good looking as Reagan who he obviously wants to be compared to, and I don't mind the flip-flopping because that makes him real, and its not just because he is mormon, its because he is the best looking.

Hunter doesn't want my vote, and he has weird eyebrows.

I think some of the questions were pretty dumb.

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