Tuesday, June 19, 2007


From the very beginning we called Reub "monkey" or "little monkey." I will never call a baby monkey again, as the baby grows up to be a toddler who thinks he is a monkey.

The other day I was working, Reuben was playing quietly in the kitchen, which is always nice. Then I realized that I had left a chair out, so I got up to check on him... sure enough... Reuben was playing quietly on top of the table. I removed him, folded up the chair and went back to work. After he was done playing in the living room he returned to the kitchen. After a while I heard him open a cupboard. This did not strike fear into my heart as the only cupboards that don't have childproofer things on it has stuff he can play with in it. After I didn't hear clanging lids I went to check on him.

He was playing in a cupboard... but the top cupboard while standing on top of the counter. He had baking powder all over his face, body, and counter. He had not cleared off the counter of cupboard. He scaled the high chair and then jumped the canyon between the high chair and counter.

His favorite food is banana.

He eeehs and squeaks to communicate.

Beware calling children monkey, their mothers want children...not monkeys.


Kevin said...

Hey! I can finally truly call myself a "monkey's uncle." Thanks!!

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Soooo funny! And thanks for the warning...