Sunday, June 17, 2007

A song I remember

When I was little we had this book, I think it was called yonder tree, but i don't remember. Well today, I was teaching reuben animal noises, and I remembered the song. So I'm going to work on teaching it to reuben so he thinks cats say fiddle eye fee.

so you can figure out the tune (I think its right but you know how I am):
do me sol sol sol ,do me sol do,
do me sol sol fa fa sol fa me.
do do do me me re do --- (this line changes with the sound.)

I bought me a cat, the cat pleased me,
I fed my cat under yonder tree.
D____________A7 D
My cat said fiddle eye fee. (or fiddle dee dee)

I bought me a duck, the duck pleased me,
I fed my duck under yonder tree.
My duck said quack quack
My cat said fiddle eye fee.

I bought me a horse, the horse pleased me,
I fed my horse under yonder tree.
My horse said neigh neigh (or trotta trotta)
My duck said quack quack
My cat said fiddle eye fee.

My pig said sui sui (or griffee griffeee)

My sheep says baa baa

My hen said chimmey chuck chimmey chuck (or shimmey shack)

My cow says moo moo

My goose said guaw guaw (or hissy hissy, or swishy swashy)

My dog says bark bark

My pal said Hi-there Hi-there

My wife says Honey Honey

These are some I found online:
My Guinea said Pot Rack Pot Rack
My rabbit said Little Jump Little Jump
My deer said Big Jump Big Jump
My turkey said Gobble Gobble

at the end... and there isn't any more.

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Rachel K. Skousen said...

Hey Brecken! I am definitely a lover of the checking of blogs, so I'll probably be stalking you via the internet these days.

That sounds like a supa-cute song. I'm going to have to review my do-re-mi's and figure it out.