Thursday, June 14, 2007

good day!

So today I went the chiropractor and after I did my physical therapy work out, and then got adjusted, Dr. Clark asked, "are you a message girl?" and I said, "when I get rich I will be." and he said, "well, today is your lucky day, we had some cancellations so go get a message for free."

DON'T YOU WISH YOUR CHIROPRACTOR WOULD SAY THAT TO YOU?! well, it was so nice, she worked on my neck and shoulders, and a little on my back... it felt so good, and feels so good.

What a nice day for me! tonight we are going to you're a good man charlie brown. and I am almost caught up with work, and my co-plagiarism cop is almost finished training!

So, last friday and saturday have been canceled out. (I had to go to a wedding reception for someone I didn't know, and a concert for music I don't like.)

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The Jones :) said...

Oh Phatty...I finally understood what you got a massage from your chiropractor?? I didn't understand why he was giving you a free message?? :) Sorry...but I'm glad you got it and I'm sure it was WONDERFUL...I got asked today if I was having a boy or a girl :( Wasn't such a good day for me :( Guess I need to really work on losing weight :( Love you!!