Friday, June 15, 2007

Old British Guys

So I realized that I still really like Erasure (pictured below) and can sing along with all their songs--and guess what--I sound dang good! Well--I am no longer 14 with my voice partly changed singing into a tape recorder that is then sabatoged by my sister and her boyfriend who make fun of my tone def warbling. Ah--the good old days. Oh yeah--and when you have a good sound system to play Erasure's music on--and not a simple boom box--they sound even better. Who cares if their songs are gushingly sappy and sometimes a bit girly--the layers and layers of synthesized coolness still make me geek out.


Anonymous said...

Who was her boyfriend?

mom wants to know...

breckster said...

As you will notice at the bottom of the post justin wrote this. I don't use hyphens, and I've never used the term "geek out," and I do not like erasure.