Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just did a stupid thing. I smelled peach at the store as we were picking out our fruit, and thought, mmm... that smells so good! so we bought a couple.

Then this morning I opened up the fridge and it smelled like peaches. and I thought to myself, forget the pie, that isn't so healthy, I'm going to have a peach over some All-bran ceral, no that is healthy.

So I did, and that was stupid because I am still allergic to peaches. I guess I thought maybe by some miracle I wouldn't be, but now my face iches, and my ears ich, and my throat is swelling up, and my nose is running, and my eyes are all blurry, ichy, and swelling up.

So remind me to cook my peaches after I buy them.

1 comment:

The Jones :) said...

oh sad phatty...don't eat them anymore unless they're cooked!! :) ha ha :)
-Becki :)