Friday, March 21, 2014

The day I lost my ring

So that I remember what I was doing that day because I still haven't found my ring. Sorry, this is where I know I won't loose it.

Last remember ring: Pushing it back on after grabbing my water bottle while getting out of the car from a trip to weight watchers. I thought I could slide it off unto the straw of the water, but didn't. Justin thinks he saw it when I was going to bed.

Slept. Woke up grabbed my phone from the second drawer of my dresser. Both boys came to my bed. We took a instagram photo. My ring finger is just out of frame. Boys got dressed without help from me. I went to the downstairs bathroom. I made Reuben's lunch. A pb and Honey sandwich. all of which were out on the counter. a baggie of baby carrots (I checked in the carrot bag). a cookie. I took Reuben to school. I may have looked in the shoe closet for Simeons shoes. Drove the van, dropped reuben off and came back home.

Looked for the preschool writing pad. white bookshelf downstairs, and the boys bookshelf in their room. and a few boxes on the shelf in the office. found it on the shelf by the door. got bananagrams and flashcards out for preschool from game closet. answered door for preschool. We did circle time. Then played letter games. I threw stuff in the toy baskets under the tv. I was over by the piano and green table and by the white couch. I made microwave pop corn for the snack. got it out of a box in the pantry. added some craisins to the the pop corn from the cupboard above the dish rack. carried it out to the boys. I sat on white couch while boys ate. We went out side. I walked around the street side of the house. The boys played and I sat in the chair on the back porch. I walked up to talk to someone by the street. Then ran in the house to get the boys drawings from the green table and back out. walked back from street to gardens strip.

pulled out a tomato plant, got the dirt off the roots, then put that in the pile. gathered some matted leaves in my left hand. went over to the pile of tomato plants and picked the up with my right hand. walked over to the dumpster. Threw grotty leaves in dumpster checked for ring-discovered it wasn't there. put pile on right hand down outside of the dumpster. threw simeon in the dumpster. moved bags and stuff to other dumpster.

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Kay Jones said...

Did you ever find your ring? Sounds like you looked everywhere. Hope you found it.