Monday, March 4, 2013

Looking like a rube, but not one.

13_03_03 022

Remember when Reuben was first growing teeth, well somehow those things that caused so much pain and snot are falling out. I told him to stop growing up. He told me he had no control over it.

In other news, we had his teacher conference. Basically, he is a genius compared to what is expected of first graders. He is an advanced reader, if he doesn't automatically understand a math concept he understands it and retains it once it is taught to him, and he has only missed one spelling word all year--and that was because he misheard the word. We will work on making inferences while reading, and adding detail to his writing.

13_03_03 020

A poem by Reuben

Tooth Fairy

On Sunday I lost a tooth
Dad was reading to me
It is the truth.
It filled me with glee.

I expected the tooth fairy.
My mouth is not the same.
In the morning I was merry
The tooth fairy came.

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