Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fear not aspiration

LDS leaders donate their time to be so. The church operates with a lay clergy. Last week our Bishop was called to be the Stake President. That means our congregation will be getting a new bishopric soon.

We believe that our callings (assignments) come through revelation from God. We don't run or get elected, there shouldn't be posturing and there is no real concept of promotion. You serve where you are asked.

Back to our wards situation, there is some possibility that Justin could be asked upon to serve in one if those time and emotionally consuming positions just because he is a worthy member of the congregation. All week I have been coming up with reason for why he wouldn't be asked too donate that much of his time, my time with him, to serve in one of those daunting positions.

I do this not because I think it would actually happen, or because I think my husband is an obvious choice. I do it because it is honestly my greatest fear. The problem is, all of the reasons I come up with are reasons I'm pretty sure God is not considering, so if the system is working right none of my get out of jail free cards are going to work.

The truth of the matter is I will be relieved, in a few weeks, when the looming threat goes away. While I hope that it is not our family called upon, and not in a fishing for compliments type way, I realize I can't council god. I know God anoints whom He will anoint, and he qualifies who he calls. I will just more happily sustain somebody other than my husband.


Mick said...

I thought aspiration was when you inhaled a peanut or something...

Talyn said...

If you start campaigning they're sure not to pick him.

Kay Jones said...

I remember praying to not be called for a certain position, broke out in hives, etc. Was called to that position, have wonderful memories of it.
Whatever the Lord expects of you and yours, you will do willingly and well.