Friday, November 2, 2012

New Mexico

new mexico 082 new mexico 030
The three year olds:
new mexico 117
The 6 year olds:
new mexico 040
 Baby Cousin:
new mexico 107new mexico 022
Justin, Grammie, Pappie, and Aunt Emily:
new mexico 090
Pumpkin Patch:
new mexico 080 new mexico 069
Hay Ride:
new mexico 077new mexico 068new mexico 067new mexico 065 Justin stuck his hand through the fence to pet the horse. The horse tilted his head and opened his mouth. Justin tried to pull his hand out but couldn't fast enough and got horse teeth marks on the palm of his hand. It only hurt him a little so it's still funny.
Corn Maze:
new mexico 061new mexico 059new mexico 058new mexico 056new mexico 052
Swimming in corn:
new mexico 049new mexico 047new mexico 041new mexico 017new mexico 016new mexico 014new mexico 013new mexico 011new mexico 002 My favorite part of New Mexico is the family.

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