Monday, August 27, 2012

Ward Camp-out

2012_08_25 0022012_08_25 0132012_08_25 0232012_08_25 0242012_08_25 0252012_08_25 0282012_08_25 0332012_08_25 0602012_08_25 0622012_08_25 0682012_08_25 071 Some how we got on the committee to plan the ward camp-out. Justin and I have never been camping as a couple, I'm not very nice in uncomfortable situations so we just never thought we could survive it. But, there we were on the committee. My plan was to volunteer to do all the pre-planning stuff so we didn't actually have to go, so I volunteered for publicity, but Justin thought we could do two things and volunteered us to plan the friday night program. The boys and a wonderful time. Reuben got his first leech. I loved getting in a canoe again and talking the boys around the tiny little mountain lake. The program went well, and then it started to pour. we had our tent set up, but the windows were open, and my pillow and blankets got wet. Then I got a terrible case of heart burn and decided to go to the car at 2 am. My men slept well, and long, and I was up to watch the sunrise. The car was pretty comfortable, but not as comfortable as my own bed. The major plus was that it was 10 degrees cooler at the camp site than in Salt Lake City, I'm tempted to try camping again just for that. But once fall comes and I'm happy again I'm betting that temptation will pass. I may be a small town girl, but I'm definitely not a country girl.

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Tammy Lorna said...

LOL! I swear I get called onto all the committees that mean I have to go to the things I never had any intention of going to :) I think Heavenly Father does it on purpose :)

I've always said that I love sleeping under the stars - so long as there are 5 of them!

xoxo Tammy