Friday, July 20, 2012


Talking about the first day Reuben saw Simeon.
Me: Then we let you hold him and you said he was too heavy.
Reuben: Oh! I remember that!
Simeon: And then you hit me.
Reuben: NO I didn't.
Me: No, he didn't. He said you were cute and needed a bath.


Simeon: But, I was a baby, but...
Reuben: Baby but(t) (laughing)
Simeon: But, I was a baby, but...(mommy and reuben laugh) But I was a baby, but,... (all three laugh) but, I was a baby, but...(repeat a few times). BUT, I WAS A BABY, BUT NOW I'M A BIG BOY! Baby Butt.
Reuben: I don't know why it's not funny any more.
Simeon: Baby Butt.
Reuben: Okay, it's still a little funny.

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Sandy M. said...

Lol Beautiful banner photo of you all, Brecken! :)