Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day Out with Thomas

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Memorial Day Weekend we had a stay-cation. We knew Daddy would be gone for most of the June and July and had to get some kind of family fun in. So we went to Heber. Simeon's favorite part was that Thomas was there. Reuben's favorite thing was he got to finally mini golf and do a life size maze. My favorite part was it was 10 degrees cooler in Heber. We took the long way home through Imigration canyon and stopped at Ruth's Diner where we had Justin's favorite part: the malt pudding. While the actual train ride was unimpressive, and the event itself wasn't worth what we paid, seeing the boys have so much fun, and hearing them talk about seeing "Thomas number 1 engine, my favorite engine" for the last two months has made it worth it. (and while it was too expensive for what it was, it was a fraction of the cost of Disneyland.)

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